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I have always been hands on with Renovation and Building Projects and like nothing better than to get stuck in and get my hands dirty.  I am a great believer that as an architect  I should not only be able to design construction elements, but also have experience of actually building and fabricating buildings  as well.


I am currently constructing my own Eco Friendly and Energy Efficient home in Gosport Hampshire which takes up most of my spare time and holidays.


Due for completion in 2012 (fingers crossed) this will be a Carbon Neutral property with the latest developments in both passive and solar energy and will provide Sally and I with a modern and comfortable home for the foreseeable future.


The pictures shown here are taken at various times showing the different stages of construction. Click on photo’s to see more about this property.

Basement July 2005
Timber Frame Aug 2006
Basement Construction
Timber Frame
Green Roof Nov 2008
Brickwork Basement Light Well
Brickwork Lightwell
Refurbishment Projects
New Build Projects